Lost Cat

"Lost Cat Call 911" sign on Horseshoe Road
“Lost Cat Call 911” sign on Horseshoe Road

We recently read a list vintage horror movies and added a bunch to queue. We had seen most but not in while. We’ve checked off Vincent Price in “House on Haunted Hill,” “The Haunting,” “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death” and Brian DePalma’s “Sisters” in the last week. Sisters was better than ever.

MX-80 Sound did a version of “Theme from Sisters” on their Ralph Records Crowd Control lp. That lp is out of print but I helped recreate the lp artwork for a new release, on that contains an additional track, “Theme from Halloween.” It’s on red vinyl at an incredibly low price and it too sounds better than ever. MX-80 is rumored to be in the studio now working on an all movie themed lp.

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  1. “Let’s Scare Jessica to Death” — did you notice that Jessica was the actress who played Warren Beatty’s Italian mamma wife in Splendor in the Grass? We have been on a horror kick also. Invasion of the Body Snatchers utterly holds up. A most political film, if one replaces Dems with Trumpsters in 2020.

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