Why Is That?

Sky above the pool on October 11, 2020
Sky above the pool on October 11, 2020

We invited a few friends over last night, thinking we would sit around our front yard fire pit but it was too warm for a fire. It was way last minute and most of the friends had other plans. Kathy was free and we started on the deck but it rained as soon as we sat down so we moved to our open air porch. Kathy brought a couple of beers and one was a Genny Cream Ale Dry Hopped. I have been anxious to try one but I didn’t want to go for the full 12 or 18 pack that they have up at Aman’s. I traded Kathy a Big Ditch IPA for the can of dry hopped and liked it quite a bit.

Kathy told us she had found it realy difficult to complete projects during the pandemic. I feel exactly the same way but I am at such a loss as to why I was afraid to say anything. I was afraid to admit it and I wanted to hear her take. She described the days flying by and leaving her feeling like there was so much more she wanted to do but didn’t or couldn’t. Pre-pandemic, with so much more going on, she was able to get things done. Why is that?


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  1. I was very productive for the first three months then when BLM hit I think daily events became too distracting and I stopped writing. It’s back now but I have learned that when it dries up don’t force it too much. It does help when I’m getting paid and have a deadline!

  2. Pre-pandemic there was a forward momentum to just about everything. Even getting groceries, or tidying the yard set the path for yet the next thing to do, even gathering to hear music later that day. Everything moved forward…on to the next thing. During this pandemic, I find myself lingering within an activity because there isn’t always a next in the plans. There is a turning inward, which certainly has it’s benefits, but there is a stifling weight that comes with it. I’m sure that the social and political upheaval adds to that!

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