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Jared's fish being fed by Peggi
Jared’s fish being fed by Peggi

I mention this every year but it is a good excuse to link to this photo of Peggi with a Mint Julep at the Kentucky Derby in 1973, our first date, the year Secretariat won. We’re going with Brooklyn Strong in today’s derby despite the 40/1 odds.

Our neighbors left us in charge of feeding their fish while they’re out of town. These guys all survived the winter but the water temperature was only 50 degrees this morning so they were a little sluggish.

Peggi’s is doing grand jury duty for a few weeks and it has been an education for the both of us. The process seems lopsided to first timers. The prosecutors present their case and walk the jurors to their indictment 99.9% of the time.

So what went wrong for Letitia James’ in Rochester’s Daniel Prude case? Nearly a mirror image of the George Floyd murder and it comes back “no billed.” I don’t know much about the Rochester Beacon other than they just hired Frank De Blase as their music critic but I thought this editorial was pretty thought provoking.

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  1. The author of that article, Alex Zapesochny, is a friend and we have worked together at his last company, iCardiac. A very successful entrepreneur, Alex is a former Bronx prosecutor, a CEO, and has a degree in economics from Oxford. He is Russian American and the Publisher of the Beacon which has joined a movement based on creating not for profit local media. A great guy. You might have met him at my 60th birthday party years ago at Lucia’s.

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