Tim Cook Doo-Dad

Scraggily tree at Durand Eastman beach
Scraggily tree at Durand Eastman beach

I spent most of this week, well, on and off, trying to figure out what we could do with an Apple AirTag. Our friends on the west coast sent us one of the Tim Cook doo-dads from a two pack that they had purchased. I spent some time wondering what they may have used theirs’ for, their kayak maybe or the catalytic convertor on their new used car. They told us there has been a rash of thefts from their parking lot.

I was thinking we could put it inside Peggi’s saxophone case but we’ve only had one gig in the last year. We occasionally lose the tv remote but the AirTag would look pretty stupid attached to it. It’s about the size of a thick Communion wafer. I finally decided to put it in our car’s glovebox. Maybe we’ll take the car to a Woodstock reunion and be happy to be able to find our car after the psychedelics.


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  1. I thought I would have a lot of stuff to tag but I ran into a similar dilemma. When I couldn’t find a use for them, I sent them to loved ones. I had one left and lost it before I paired it with my phone (so, “Find My” can’t find it). I have a Belkin key fob that’s meant for it and I meant to send it to you. That adds another whole layer of confusion because you have to hang it or hook it on something. I would have put it on my catalytic converter but we bought a 2018 Corolla.

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