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Three mice in three traps
Three mice in three traps

There must be a more humane way to get mice out of your house. A better mousetrap. Mice had free rein of our home before we bought it. The droppings were everywhere. We think one died in the furthest reaches of our oven because it took a year of baking to completely eliminate the odor.

We were watching a Perry Mason episode the other night and I was half asleep when I thought I saw a mouse scamper by. We had already heard suspicious rumblings behind the cupboards so I sprung into action. They can’t resist peanut butter. We use Wegman’s Organic Crunchy. In fact, I hear mice on death row request it as their last meal. We caught five in a twenty four period and think we’re good for another year.


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  1. I’m impressed by the yellow Swiss-cheese-esque bait piece that now is part of the trap. It’s always encouraging to see a timeless product have creative evolution.

  2. One grrreat thing about houseboat living…no critters, and NO ants. At our house on land, every winter when it rained (rain? What’s THAT?!) ants would stream in and where did they go? To the water faucet at kitchen sink. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Perry Mousen? Did I already tell you that Raymond Burr “dated” Natalie Wood?

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