Not Today

What's left of a poster on Culver Road
What’s left of a poster on Culver Road

In another few days I will be able to take the seasonal bridge across the mouth of Irondequoit Bay and into Webster where my dentist is located. Instead I had to drive north on Culver to get on the expressway and cross on the bay bridge. As I got on 104 I looked down at the license plate on the car in front of me. The frame around the plate read “Not Today Satan.” The bay looked gorgeous with dry ice like steam rising off the water’s surface in the early morning sun.

I always liked this guy. He seemed like a no nonsense craftsman as he filled my cavities, capped my teeth and built and the then replaced my bridges. I’ve been going to him for a long time. I went to his father when he was practicing in the same office. I dated his father’s receptionist. I have always had my suspicions, he listens to the urban country station, he lets Conservative GOP politicians put campaign signs in front of his office but I don’t go there.

Six months ago after the hygienist found some decay he took one of my bridges apart and determined he could not repair it. I would need the teeth pulled. I discovered he can’t, in fact, do miracles. The conversation turned to the pandemic. He said he would not take the MRMA vaccines because they can make you sterile. Can someone who holds this belief still be a good dentist?

As I walked in the door this morning with my N95 on I asked the receptionist if everyone was vaccinated. She said, “We’re workin’ on it.”

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