Clearing My Head

Wood planks on White Street in Tribeca
Wood planks on White Street in Tribeca

It wasn’t a fast but but we slimmed down our news consumption when we left for NYC on Tuesday. Even posting here, the news-to-self was curtailed. Other than our overnight in the Adirondacks the trip to NYC was our first since the outbreak. We’re timid and it was reassuring to see most people in the big city taking more precautions than we do in Rochester.

I came back with a disc full of images that I will slowly work my way through. I know this one will be my favorite. Eyeballs fine tuned by three days of gallery hopping and these reclaimed boards, bound with rope, laying on the ground in front of a building in Tribeca looked sensational.

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  1. Glad to hear you got out of town. I’ve been to NYC four times this year and ready to go again soon. Love it in the fall. And now the foreign tourists are back so the brief interlude of a quiet New York will be over. So it goes…

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