I’m Your SOB

Joy Wave Cellino & Barnes billboard on side of Joey's in downtown Rochester, NYJoeys
Joywave “Cellino” & Barnes billboard on side of Joey’s in downtown Rochester, NYJoeys

I have a soft spot for Joywave. Their earliest videos, shot while they were working at a mall in suburban Rochester sold me. I like their pop sensibility. I like the fact that they stuck around town to enjoy their success. I love how they push it with their videos. Like Personal Effects, a mere footnote on the Rochester music scene, they choose interesting places to play. Personal Effects played the Top of the Plaza and the Community Playhouse in the South Wedge. Joywave topped that and played the former revolving restaurant, The Changing Scene..

Joywave’s new album drops 2.11.22 and their new ad campaign picks up where the personal injury lawyers, Cellino and Barnes, left off. I played drums in Personal Effects and animated a few of my favorite Cellino and Barnes billboards back in the early part of this century. Long before “Better Call Saul,” Celino & Barnes was duking it out with Moran & Kufta and Jim the Hammer Shapiro. Remember those ads?

I cannot rip the hearts out of those who hurt you. I cannot hand you their severed heads. But I can hunt them down and settle the score. I may be an SOB, but I’m your SOB!” 
Jim “the Hammer” Shapiro

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