Someday Is Here

MX-80 Sound – Someday You’ll be King, Ralph Records 45 RPM

I keep reminding myself, “If Sun Ra can die, anyone can.”

Bruce Anderson, barber, fine artist and guitar player for MX-80 Sound has left the planet. His work, with Screaming Gypsy Bandits, Caroline Peyton and MX-80 Sound, was proof of higher life forms in Indiana, where Peggi and I spent out college age years. It is so sad to think we’ll never again hear Angel Corpus Christi at live MX shows screaming with delight during one of Bruce’s amazing solos.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning that he was a fine artist. Kevin Teare still has the painting of a pit bull in a cage that Bruce made as a wedding present for Kevin.

  2. An amazing player, a force of nature on the guitar. The two gigs we played with them were amazing, amongst my favorite shows ever.

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