Special Delivery

Delivery bags in the snow on Hoffman Road
Delivery bags in the snow on Hoffman Road

These soft delivery bags were sitting in the snow at the end of Hoffman Road about a week ago. The big hill across the street that leads down into the woods is getting a little slick so we drove down to the end of Hoffman Road and skied out onto the golf course from there. These bags were still sitting in a snow bank. I imagine someone stole the contents and dumped the bags.

Our UPS driver is back in action. He delivered a package of frozen fish from the Pacific Northwest and I had a chance to chat with him. He was anti vax and got hit hard with Covid. He was out of work for a few months and told me he was certain he was gonna die. His 70 year old mom got it too and she died. Holding back tears he told me he’s still mourning her.

At sixteen degrees the wind out on the golf course was a bit much so we ducked into the woods and followed the trails around the course. There a few hearty souls out there. We followed the western shore of Eastman Lake up the big lake and then up Horseshoe Road where we had a good view of the whitecaps out on Lake Ontario. With a few inches of fresh snow on the ground the conditions were excellent.

The rough water builds the most interesting formations along the lake. Maybe tomorrow we’ll cross Lakeshore Boulevard and ski along the lake.


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  1. Seems to me, with the freshly snowed hills getting a little slick, that an adventurous guy & his missus could take a pretty exciting little slide downhill in those bags.

  2. I had a big ongoing row with a library up here — they wouldn’t get a professional cleaner and it is a public space, so I resigned. That was before COVID. Now their Library Director and her husband died of COVID within three days of eachother, this Christmas. Unvaxxed.

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