Train Ride

Margaret Explosion song recorded last week at Little Theatre Café

The type face, Glyphic Neue Neue Wide, could read as “Brian Ride.” That would work just as well. This song is from our gig last Wednesday and the train footage was in my home movie collection.

I used a still too, the shot above. I took this in 2011 on a high speed train to Sevilla. I considered using this still for the whole movie. I love it that much. The Spanish colors on the upholstery, the dark hair on the gentleman, his thin mustache, the stripes on his shirt, the olive green tie, the mustard pants! If there was some blood red in this photo we would have the entire Spanish pallette.

This is how to travel. This is how to live. This is civilization.

Margaret Explosion plays one more Wednesday, tomorrow, at the Little Theatre Café.


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  1. I agree! Recently took a train to Savanah Georgia to visit some old friends of my wife. It is definitely the most civilized way to travel.

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