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Male toad serenading a mate in Jared's pond
Male toad serenading a mate in Jared’s pond

We’ve been sleeping with our windows open for the past week or so, falling asleep to the sound of toads singing in the creek down below. I love that sound, so primal, like a native ceremony happening in the next village. In most cases it is many toads singing at once but yesterday we witnessed a solo performance by this guy in our neighbor’s pond.

The female toads, who are usually larger than the males, answer the call. The way Jared explains it the male hops onboard, the females let a string of tiny black eggs loose in the water, the male excretes his milky sperm and in a few weeks the pond is full of tadpoles. His pond was like some kind of sex club. Toads splashing around on the floating plants in twosomes, threesomes and even foursomes. The females, having answered the siren call, seem to be trying get away, to shake the male on their back. We watched this one pair climb out of the pond and up the waterfall where they ran into a frog.

One frog and two toads mating in Jared's pondJ
One frog and two toads mating in Jared’s pond
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  1. Yesterday I watched two seagulls mating on the roof of our neighbor’s place. After it was over the male climbed onto her back, then her neck, then on to the top of her head, while she ran around in mad circles.

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