Timo Lassy Band at the Lutheran Church, Rochester Jazz Festival

Helsinki must be a swinging city. I know I liked the section of Jim Jarmusch's "Night On Earth" featuring that city the best. And Helsinki's Timo Lassy Band at the Lutheran Church for the opening night of Rochester's Jazz Fest was hot. They play jazz like it was played in America in the fifties and sixties and they manage to make it sound exciting and new. This is the third time we have seen Timo Lassy at the Jazz Fest and each time it was in a slightly different setting. He was here with the U Street All Stars in 2003 and Five Corners in 2007 (see index). Last night he switched from tenor to baritone for an afro-centric, Pharoah Sanders like thing where the drummer played mallets and the percussion player dug a deep groove. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next