Chuchito Valdes Trio  at Rochester Internation Jazz Festival

Charnette Moffett was named after his father, Charles, and Ornette Coleman, who Charles played with. Charles plays drums on the fabulous "Golden Circle" albums from the mid sixties and Charnette plays bass on two of my favorite Onette cds, the two "Sound Museum" releases. We had to check him out and we were richly rewarded. Although billed as a trio he opened with a mindblowing solo performance on stand up bass where he pulled out all the stops. He switched to the electric bass after a half hour or so and was joined by a woman on tambura for a beautiful version of "Nature Boy". A drummer joined next on tablas and drum kit and then a piano player and a trumpeter. They proceeded to take it out! During their last song an alarm went off and kept going off at regular intervals every twenty seconds. Charnette stopped the band and started playing with the siren, wrapping melodies around the mournful siren. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next