Ibrahim Electric at Rochester Internation Jazz Festival

We were quite a ways back in the line that formed early for Denmark's Ibrahim Electric at Montage yet we were still able to grab front row seats. People seem afraid of the front row. Maybe that's a holdover from school days. We prefer getting out of the way of the PA. We sat down next to a couple from Sweden and were talking about Denmark's victory in the day's match at the World Cup when Ibrahim Electric took off. Their are songs propelled by an agile, energetic drummer and a guitar player who played lines, leads and rhythm with intensity. The Hammond B3 player took care of the bottom end like he was driving the tour van, determined to keep the band on the road at this exhilarating clip. Their last tune started like a Fela Kuti song and finished like Santana in the Woodstock movie. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next