Jonas Kullhammar Quartet at Rochester Internation Jazz Festival

There wasn't all that much to choose from on Saturday night. We considered Ben Allison over at Montage in a bass, guitar, trumpet setting but Jonas Kullhammar Quartet is a guaranteed good show so why mess around. They were performing tonight at Max's, a smaller, livelier room than last night's Xerox Auditorium and their music took on these same characteristics. It's hard to tell how much truth is in Jonas's between songs banter. Is the bass player take a year off to practice Buddhism? Maybe music critic, Jack Garner, knows. He was having a serious discussion with Jonas before the show. This quartet is steeped in jazz tradition and as an American you have to wonder how that happen in Sweden. They're bursting with energetic ideas at the same time and this makes for an explosive combination. - photo by P Doddy - click photo to advance > next