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East Main Street, Rochester, New York

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We lived on Hall Street, across from East High for twenty seven years. In 1998 I began work on Passion Play, a version of the Stations of the Cross. I pictured Christ being sentenced at East High and then working his way down East Main to the Liberty Pole where he would be crucified. I collected source material including one roll of slide film, shots of locations on East Main, with the intention of doing fourteen paintings but never got to that stage.

I showed the prints at the Bug Jar during Lent 1998 and I entered them in the 1999 Rochester Finger Lakes exhibition and they won both The Averill Council of the Memorial Art Gallery Award and the Harris Popular Vote Award.

I rode my bike downtown everyday and got very familiar with these places. So many things have changed since then.

Lyell Avenue, Rochester New York

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When I first moved back to Rochester I got a carpentry job building new homes in Gates and Spencerport. I spent a lot time traveling out Lyell Avenue and was always intrigued by the colorful street. In 2004 I travelled the length of it on my bike and took a few photos photos

Culver Road, Rochester, New York

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If this car turns right here, off of Monroe Avenue, it will be on the beginning of Culver Road. Culver goes straight north until it hits Lake Ontario. It is City of Rochester property all the way. I rode the length of it on my bike and photographed a few of the landmarks.