These pages accompany the cd that was passed out at the service for Dave in Berkeley on June 4th, 2006. Photo at right by Jennifer. The track listing of this cd is below.



Dave's Playlist and photos from Jennifer Mahoney

Paul Dodd Pages For Dave

Rich Stim / MX-80 Page for Dave

Kim Torgerson photos of Dave

Steve Hoy photos of Dave

Brad Fox photos of Dave

Bob Mahoney's remarks at Dave's service

Patsy Talor's remarks from Dave' sevice

Paul and Peggi photos from Dave Memorial Trip

Jennifer says goodbye to Dave

Dave Mahoney

This collection of songs comes from family and friends of Dave Mahoney.
The songs have some connection to Dave — whether something we dug
together, performed with him, he turned us on to or vice versa.

01. Roomful of Voices by Playette from Peggi Fournier ^
02. Caroline, No by The Beach Boys from Karen Simmons
03. Home Sweet Home by Angel Corpus Christi from Rich Stim & Andrea Ross #
04. Hair Pie/Bake 1 by Captain Beefheart from Paul Dodd
05. Black Thighs by The Last Poets from Jennifer Mahoney
06. Are You Glad To Be In America? by James Blood Ulmer from Brad Fox
07. John McLaughlin by Miles Davis from Kim Torgerson
08. Wail by Anderson/Sophiea/Mahoney from Dale Sophiea *
09. My Generation by The Who from John Gilmore
10. It's a Long Way to the Top by AC/DC from Chet Mahoney
11. In a Sentimental Mood by Pharoah Sanders from John Mahoney
12. Follow Your Heart by Joe Farrell from Max Mahoney
13. Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock from Bob Mahoney
14. Change The World by Eric Clapton from Pam Brady
15. I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love... by Linda Ronstadt from Sheila Galletto
16. Simple Things by Kenny Chesney from Bruce Wolf
17. O-Type by MX-80 from Dave Mahoney #

^ Dave vocal ....# Dave Drums ....* Dave Percussion

Cover art by Bruce Anderson