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Summer homes along Four Mile Creek near Nine Mile Point on Lake Ontario

Andy Finn’s father owned the Texaco Station in Webster. I became friends with Andy in fifth grade when my family moved there from the city. His family rented a big green cottage on Lake Ontario right near Nine Mile Point and we spent a lot of time there. His parents sat around with their friends drinking beer from the can while the flip tops piled up around them. There was a whole community of summer homes along Four Mile Creek which was just to the west of them, near where Hedge’s is today. It seemed like they had the nicest place. It’s been torn down and I don’t have a picture of it. 

When Peggi and I moved back here in the mid seventies I revisited the place and took these photos. I was taking a photo class at the UofR then and used it a class project. It is interesting to me how I am still taking the same photos today. The cropping was a little clumsy but the chunky composition and flattening of the plane are still my tendencies. 

Forest Lawn Manufactured Home Community in Penfield NY

Forest Lawn Manufactured Home Community is a dreamy mobil home park off Linden Avenue in Penfield. Even the stop signs are miniaturized. We made sure to walk up and down every street, Mainview Drive, Bittersweet Drive, Elderberry Circle, Miami Drive and Easy Street.

I find these tiny homes really attractive. Maybe its because I lived in a trailer for a few years in Bloomington. And I have fond memories of that easy going time.

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