Is That A Ping Pong Ball In Your Pocket?

We had dinner with Colin Pinkney and and some other friends from high school tonight. Colin and I went to Bishop Kearney for our freshman year and then both jumped ship for the public schools. Colin remembered the Brothers dropping ping pong balls down the guys’ pants. The ball had to roll down your leg and come out the bottom or your pants were too tight. I had completely blocked that out but it all came back in a flash. The best part about Kearney was watching Dave Vercolen stand up and clock Brother Levy in Latin class. Dave never set foot in the school again but the performance was jaw dropping.

New York Times gave it up for Buffalo in the Arts and Leisure section today. Buffalo grew up in the early 1800s with the Erie Canal and is so beyond its glory days that they can’t afford to tear down old buildings. And there is no need to make way for any new growth. The good side is all the beautiful buildings that are left.

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Beginner’s Mind

Andrew with his medium format Kodak camera
Andrew with his medium format Kodak camera

I fell asleep at nine or midnight NY time and then woke up at six (LA time) and read my nephew’s ” Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” book for a few hours before heading downstairs for coffee. I love it. “For Zen students, a weed is a treasure.”

We walked up Bel Air Drive today until the road ended. And then we walked downhill to Beverly Glen and then back up again. It is a beautiful day. I just checked in Rochester and watched a camera animation of the sun going down over Bishop Kearney High School. We had our first snowfall there. Peggi made Challa bread with the kids when they were young and it has become some sort of tradition on Thanksgiving in the Meyer household. So she had them braid the dough again and it’s in the oven. “Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.”

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