Shovel Ready

Mornings like this I shovel my way to the street in my pjs in order to bring back the newspaper. It is not as heroic as it sounds. I like shoveling. There is something really cozy about hand shoveled snow piles. They mark a good winter. I shoveled driveways for extra cash in high school. You get warm in a hurry. I don’t like the way a driveway looks when it is cleared with a snowblower. And the sight of snow plastered against a tree bothers me. When I have my heart attack or throw my back out I will feel differently. Our friends just bought a snowblower and I am happy for them.

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Jack Lord

It is not like me to plan things out before I do them and I’m pretty sure three of my brothers helped hatch the slim storyline in this Super 8 movie from 1970 or so. They all have starring roles, John on lead guitar, Tim on drums and Fran as the head of an equipment rental crew that confiscates the group’s gear. Fran and his buddies double dip as stuntmen and I’m sure my parents are gonna cringe when they see them jumping off our garage roof. My brothers were great sports and I’d like to thank them.

Some forty years later I have added a soundtrack, a song by Invisible Idiot called “Jack Lord.” There was a period when Peggi and I were stuck on “Hawaii Five O” reruns and I guess Jack’s solo reminded us of Steve McGarrett.

Invisible Idiot is a pseudonym for the late nineties version of Margaret Explosion with Peggi Fournier — soprano sax; Jack Schaefer — guitar; Pete LaBonne — bass and me on djembe for this track. By the time we got around to recording there was already a new line-up of Margaret Explosion so we recorded under this moniker.

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