Blowing Up The Lakes

Fireworks on the shore of Lake Ontario
Fireworks ready to go along Lake Ontario

We haven’t quite figured out this holiday. We worked Friday but the library and the stock market were closed. Lowel gave Duane Sherwood both Friday and Monday off. We worked Saturday too but that was mostly rewiring our house to get our new two line phone working. We never did find our cordless phone. Best guess is that we put it on the car while we were working in the yard and then Peggi drove out to her mom’s apartment with the phone on the hood of the car. This new one has an answering machine for both lines and one cordless phone in addition to the wired one. Anyway, we’re thinking about taking Monday off.

We already celebrated the fourth and the third with fireworks. Hard to say whether the folks along Conesus Lake or those on Edgemere Drive on Lake Ontario do a better job of blowing up the lake. Peggi’s mom was kind of bummed that we didn’t celebrate the fourth with her. Ironically, we are always waiting for things to slow down while she wishes there was more going on. Guess we didn’t have to go to two fireworks parties.


Send Us Your Problems

Lake Ontario in Winter
Lake Ontario in Winter

We took a walk down to the lake or up to the lake. It’s downhill but it’s due north so I don’t know which is more correct. This same shot would look completely different everyday if I took it that often. The color of the sky, the water and the land are always changing.

My father hired a plumber a few weeks ago and he used a flashlight that he cranked to get going. It’s a wind up LED flashlight that doesn’t require batteries. My father was so impressed with it, he ordered one for each of the kids for Christmas. It will be perfect for taking walks after dark.

Our nephew, Matt, emailed that he had done a tutorial and screencast on his site ( of one of the tasks that we gave him while he is staying here over Christmas. He says he is “having trouble finding Mac problems to solve and he would appreciate it if we could send him questions that we or our friends have in the future.” So send us Mac questions and we’ll pass them along to him.

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