Upon this Rock

Big rock in Durand Eastman Park
Big rock in Durand Eastman Park

We were still in our pjs, reading the paper when an SUV pulled up out front. A couple of very funny looking woman got out and headed up to our neighbor’s door and a third woman came up our walkway. I used to engage these people all the time when we lived in the city. I like talking about religion and I love their little pamphlets. They would leave new ones for us when we weren’t home. If we were busy I would be quick with them but some of them are damn tenacious. I found if I told them “I’m Catholic” they would back off in a hurry. They can’t compete with the orthodoxy. This time Peggi suggested I tell them “We’re Jewish” so I went for it. It only egged this woman on and she got into full conversion mode.

She wanted to talk about eternal salvation and asked me, “What do you think eternity will be like?” I said, “Pretty quiet.” Without missing a beat she said Jesus came into the world to provide us eternal salvation. He died for our sins and his resurrection proves that there is life in the hereafter. I said I don’t believe in the Resurrection.

She fumbled for some reference in the old testament that was in some way related to sacrificing for eternal life and I cut her off. She said, “Well, the Jews made a few mistakes but they are good people.” I volleyed with, “Jesus was a Jew.” She was momentarily stunned but agreed that he was. She asked if she could stop back sometime to continue the conversation and she left me with a pamphlet entitled, “Can The Dead Really Live Again?”

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Atheism vs. Judaism

We opened the neighborhood pool yesterday. It’s not ready for swimming but the cover is off, the filter is running and there are thirty five pounds of chemicals ready to dump in. The adults, who had we had hardly talked to each other all winter, got caught up while the three kids ran around. There are two ten year old girls in our group. We heard that one wants to quit her religious classes because she doesn’t believe in god. Her mom wanted her to learn about her heritage but her father is an atheistic and there is a conflict there. The rabbi wants her back and gave the parents a book they could read with her. The girl’s father said he would read the book if the rabbi would read Christopher Hitchen’s book, “God Is Not Great”. They agreed to this proposal. The other ten year old girl, her best friend, goes to a catholic school and there doesn’t appear to be any conflict there. I was raised Catholic and I was never sure whether they even believed in god.

We are celebrating Mother’s Day by having Peggi’s mom and my parents over for dinner. I am marinating chicken in lime juice, balsamic and seasoned rice vinegar and crushed garlic. Peggi plans to make and angel food cake (no cholesterol) with fresh strawberries. We started a fire for the older folks. This will probably be the last one of the year. I have about two hours to paint before dinner.

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