It’s A Plus, Plus World

Before Christmas I stopped in this women’s clothing store near Starbucks called Avenue. I saw a brown hooded sweatshirt that I thought Peggi would like but they only had one size. It looked like it might fit so I bought it. When she tried it on at Christmas it was to big and we finally got around to returning it.

Peggi saw this sign on the way in that said “for women size 14 plus”. She asked a clerk if they had anything under size 14 and she said, “No”. A large women standing nearby said, “You’re just too teeny, tiny”. As we stood in line to get our money back it couldn’t have been more obvious that this was a plus sized store. We were marveling at the size of the clerks behind the counter and the other customers.

The sweatshirt was only $14 bucks. We walked over to another store called AJ Wright where everything they sell is marked down or discounted and Peggi found a sweater that she liked for $7. On the way home we went by the Dollar Store and Peggi told me she stopped in there before Christmas and someone had just puked so she left. It seems like the whole world is a flea market these days.

Peggi is preparing her insides for inspection. So it was no nuts or fruit with seeds today. We spent some time discussing whether or not that would include apples and pears and figured that they would be OK. She made lentil soup in the Crock Pot and we took that over to her mom’s apartment where we ate in front of 60 Minutes. Roger Clemens told Mike Wallace that he didn’t use steroids. Tomorrow it’s all liquids, the three tablets and the liter of MoviPrep.


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  1. If you’re speaking about colonoscopies here, you should know
    I’ve had FOUR. If you’ve never had one, they’re scary – but after
    that, they’re pretty simple and painless.

    I also have a great time with my Dr. – Dr. Hsu. Supposedly you
    can watch everything on the tv screen but it’s pretty boring. The
    first time I asked them to change the station. The second time I
    asked if I could watch Katie Couric’s video instead. Dr. Hsu said
    I’m one of his favorite patients. It’s fun to make him laugh because
    his other patients are so grim and scared. This last time mid-way
    through, I asked him, “Have you found the lost miners yet, Captain?”
    He told the nurse to shoot more ‘knock-out juice’ into my IV and
    that’s all I remember.

    It really won’t hurt a bit, Peggi – you’ll see. Sending all good thoughts
    and positive energy your way!

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