You Spelled Marketing Wrong

I called Jerome’s Ignition Service yesterday to make an appointment to get the oil changed in our Element. Igor answered the phone and let me pick a time that was good for me. I used to just drop the car off and walk back home but we moved so I sit and wait for them to service it. I read an article in Time about the Arctic ice cap melting and how it will open up shorter international shipping routes and then I did some work on my laptop. Ted was working on his computer and Alan was smoking cigarettes and paying bills. He put a stamp on an envelope to NY State for taxes but forgot to include the check. Ted opened the envelope to confirm it. They finished my oil change and I was paying my bill but we had to wait for a junk fax to come in before the printer could release my receipt. I told Ted that we threw our fax machine away and do most of that sort of thing by email. He said he would too if he knew how.

Jerome’s is the best. Sparky recommended these guys and we have been going there for twenty years. Sitting here with pictures of vintage cars on the wall, I was struck by how much these guys have had to keep up with over the years. I was probably more sympathetic because I had been wrestling with with my own web 2.0 issues. I’ve been trying to find a free, customizable RSS to HTML script for a website we’re working on.

Ted suggested I go to Sofia Collision to see what they thought about the damage to our car from the lady that backed into us. The owner, Steve, asked me how fussy I was. I said, “not very”. He estimated the damage at $400 and suggested I call the woman and settle for $200 cash and then not replace the part. I asked him what he got out of it and he said, “Well, that’s what I would do”. I plan to give her a call and see what happens.

I got back to 4D and Peggi told me a guy had called and asked to speak with the sales department. Peggi said, “You can talk to me”. The guy got pissed and told her he was going to give us some business but he wasn’t going to now. Then the creep emails us this message. “My partner and I called you this morning to inquire about your services and you were extremely rude and did not want to speak with us. We were interested in getting business cards, a logo designed, marketing materials, and possibly a website. I just wanted to let you know that we will not be interested in speaking with you again.”


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