Day Dream Evening

Margaret Explosion Live
Margaret Explosion Live

Last Wednesday’s Margaret Explosion gig started real slow with only two people in attendance, a couple with broken English accents. They have been here before and they stayed for full ride. We had a pretty good crowd by the end of the night and on the way out the couple said, “See you next time”.

This gig is so casual, it is perfect for Margaret Explosion considering we don’t have any set list, we never practice and we make up most of the night rather than play songs. We have this affliction where our songs never sound as good as they did the first time, when it really wasn’t a song at all.

Truth is most of them are a lot closer to daydreams than songs. This first tune from last week just sort of floated by for that couple.


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  1. Sorry I missed Wednesday – was planning to go but I’ve been wrestling with a nasty pain in my leg all week. Luckily there are a couple more Wednesdays this month.

    Also – can’t get the link to your song to work…..

  2. Hi Paul. Just discovered your blog this weekend and have been having a good time exploring its many facets. Particularly like the Lopsided Observations category. I started a new blog, BLACK MIRRORS (by Lloyd Mintern) a few month ago also. Onward! Ted

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