Huntington Gullies South

Deer outside bedroom window
Deer outside bedroom window

The deer just wander around through the hills where we live. But we don’t really live in hills even though everybody calls them that. The earth goes gradually downhill as you move north toward Lake Ontario and when you get near the lake the sandy soil just sort of falls away into fairly steep ravines. When you’re down in a ravine looking up, it looks like hills. So maybe they are hills. They wouldn’t be fake hills.

These deer spent the night in our backyard. They melt the snow while they sleep and leave little pods of bare ground behind in the morning. And the first thing they do when they get up is poop because there is always a little pile of the pellets near the pod.


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  1. What you have up there in yer Durand Eastman park is yer basic dissected former subaqueous delta, deposited by the ancestral Genesee River (flowing in it’s pre-glacial orientation) into the former proglacial Lake Iroquois, and on which was developed (subsequent to retreat of the lake that resulted from continued ice-front recession and establishment of lower draingeways) a sub-parallel drainage pattern by headward erosion in the thick sequence of loose silty fine sand deposits. And don’t even get me started on the classic topset and foreset bed development.

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