Itinerant Artists

Fay Victor Ensemble at Bop Shop in Rochester, NY
Fay Victor Ensemble at Bop Shop in Rochester, NY

Peggi started teaching a new round of Dreamweaver classes at the Genesee Center for the Arts last night. I rode downtown with her and then walked over to the Memorial Art Gallery for a lecture by local artist, Jim Mott. He travels the country trading paintings for hospitality and his “Itinerant Artist Project” was featured on the Today show. He talked over a PowerPoint presentation, sometimes talking about one thing while flashing paragraphs of type on the screen that had no relation to what he was talking about. But he had fun with it all and he seems like the the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. His photos and paintings are beautiful. They are small, like 6 by nine, so he can travel with them when they are wet in a plywood case with slots. His landscapes are relaxed and painterly but perfectly readable. There is a nice little slide show on his site.

I met Geri McCormick after the lecture and we went across the street to Village Gate to see Fay Victor and her band. They had just driven up from NYC and they were playing in the atrium outside the Bop Shop. They sounded great here, a little bit like the Art Ensemble with Fontella Bass. Avant and soulful at the same time.


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  1. Hi Paul,

    In the post-presentation vacuum my vanity kicked in, and I decided to google myself (an odd phrase). So thanks for the review. It was kind, and I’m glad to know that I sometimes get away from the text without knowing it. I should probably leave the text out, except that I suspected that the disjunction occured now and then and thought it might add an OK layer of complexity. Any thoughts? It may be obvious that I’m someone who avoided public speaking, or speaking at all, most of my life (and did art partly to communicate w/o being observed). Having a topic that no one knows better than I and the darkness for a slide show makes it tolerable. Anyway, aren’t you the former Refrigerator writer and friend of Peter Pappas and web designer for Carol Acquilano? i.e., the King of Cool? I like your band, etc. and feel honored to have had you in the audience. We’ve met, I’m sure, but maybe sometime for longer. Best, Jim

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