It’s Organic

Rebuilt stone wall behind 145
Rebuilt stone wall behind 145

Rich and Andrea gave me a green, long sleeve t-shirt that had “Treehugger” written on the front.  I wore it to Abeline on Olga’s birthday. Bobby Henrie & The Goners were playing. I was talking to Hermie from the Bug Jar and some guy came up to me and said, “You don’t have to wear that shirt. I could have spotted you a mile away”. He laughed and I laughed but it seemed kind of odd. And then a woman standing nearby said, “I am a treehugger. Have you ever hugged a tree?” I said no but I actually have. It was in jest but I remember the feeling.

When we were at Peggi’s high school reunion a few weeks ago two people told us we looked organic. This seemed sort of odd to us. We had never heard anyone refer to people as “organic”. Peggi wondered if it was the lack of hair dye or make-up and I thought maybe it was my shirt not being tucked in. But we really have no idea.

We finished our stone wall this evening. We started this project back in May. A few weeks went by when we were unable to get out there but it was a bigger project than we realized. Fitting the stones so they don’t wobble, keeping the two over one and one over two rule in mind, checking the level from time to time and just lifting these things only to find one in every five or so fit was a lot. It kind of looks like a mad man did it. But hey, it’s organic.


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  1. Great job! Another Brick In The wall. Looks to be about 25 ft. long x 4 ft. high x 1.5 thick, which equals about 150 cu. ft. Let’s say there’s about 20% void space, so we’ll call it 120 cu. ft. Assuming somewhere between 140 lbs. (sandstone) and 160 lbs. (limestone) per cu. ft., that’s about 18,000 lbs., or 9 tons o’ rock. If you handled them all an average of 4 or 5 times, that’s about 40 tons of material hefted. An many calories burned. All organic, of course.

    Looking forward to sitting my ass down on that wall with a cold organic beer.

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