Hoosier Bills on Monroe Avenue in Rochester NY
Hoosier Bills on Monroe Avenue in Rochester NY

I grew up here but went to Indiana for a few years to go to school and then hang out. When I moved back with Peggi I was pretty surprised to find this place on Monroe Avenue. It was in the block where the Bug Jar is today. We ate here once and it was pretty good. We just didn’t eat out much in those days. I think Susan Plunkett from Jazzberrys had something to do with this place but I’m not sure.

Peggi files for unemployment and gets rejected
Peggi files for unemployment and gets rejected

I found this note from that time period. It’s an unemployment claim that Peggi made while she was looking for work. When we left Bloomington she was working as a dental assistant. The first thing this dentist did was gas the kids to keep them quiet. Peggi and her coworkers hung around the office after it closed and sampled the gas themselves. The note says “Claimant quit to move to New York State with to seek work as teacher and grocery cashier. The employer says that she went to New York with her boyfriend. There is evidence that claimant worked for 10 weeks at $36 or more per week. I think she was rejected.


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  1. My ex-girlfriend, Chloe, and our friend Nancy Fairless worked at Hoosier Bill’s when it first started. I couldn’t remember the name of the woman who ran the business, even though after a night of drinking I and another friend took her up on the offer she had made to me onetime to stop by her apartment sometime. The problem was that we showed up wide awake at 3 A.M. Bleary eyed she was still hospitable and offered us more beer, even though I don’t think we really needed more. We drank up and split shortly afterwards apologizing for waking her up. I emailed Susan Plunkett and she tells me that the owner’s name was Lucy Douglas. Yes, I remember Lucy. Here’s Susan’s reply: Lucy Douglas was her name. Where is chole,? We had so much fun with Nancy and the gang.
    I worked there for two years and moved on and 10 years later started Jazzberry’s- what a business. People had good memories from that place. I got a good education and learned a lot about good food.

  2. I believe Hoosier Bill’s was Susan Plunkett’s first restaurant. I loved that place. You went back into the kitchen and helped yourself to great food. I have no idea how that worked but the food was great, as it was at Jazzberry’s. Thanks for the memory and photo.

  3. I ate there a few times..
Ordered an eggplant dish once that was very tough. Probably eggplant was too green.
Surprised the cook did not catch this faux pas.
Albert V.

  4. I worked there as a waitress for a while in the mid seventies. It was the people that made it memorable to me. And the simplicity of the place. Plus, I think it was the place Cheesy Eddies cheese cake got its start.

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