Nothing Lasts Forever

I love this house although the flat roof could be a problem around here. It looks like a house in the old section of Beverly Hills. Culver Road in Rochester, New York.
3124 Culver Road in 2004

As many times as we have been up and down Culver Road I never get tired of it. It is one of the city’s main arteries between downtown and the lake. We lived just two block off Culver in the city and we’re just two off it here. I road my bike from one end of it to the other and photographed some of the highlights. I always liked the house above. It reminded me of a house in the old section of Beverly Hills.

The new owners have been making some changes (i.e. wrecking it). So with the temperatures in the seventies yesterday, I rode my bike over to the house to take an updated picture. Nothing Lasts Forever.

3124 Culver Road in 2024
3124 Culver Road in 2024

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  1. We looked at that house when it was for sale some years back. What I remember is it was all ‘bar’ — as in a glamorous interior focused on a large wet bar.

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