I’m blogging from the convention and thinking of high school, not just because I heard that Jeff Munson was going to be at the Margaret Explosion gig tonight. He wasn’t. It was one of our best nights. They come out of nowhere.

I wish my friend, Charlie Coco was still alive. His minghia radar would have been going absolutely bonkers with Rudy Giuliani doing his Rupert Pupkin (“King of Comedy”)thing. And then Charlie would have outdone Rudy.

Sarah Palin reminded me of someone Dave Mahoney used to go out with in high school. She was kinda like Goldie Hawn.

Drill, Baby, Drill!


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  1. when mx came 2 rochester to do a show, dave went into a whole long story about his old girlfriend and how beautiful she was and how he was planning to meet up with her , and i thought he said patti collie. and i said “patti collie?” and he said “yeah, she has hair like a collie and everything, and her nose is even kinda long like a collie.”
    that was when i was just getting acquainted with dave and i didnt know yet how he liked to fuck with ppl like that. it was YEARS later when brad fox told me that her name was cowie not collie.

  2. The first set last night was the best Margaret X I’ve heard and I’ve heard a lot! Dark, dense, full of crackly guitar and the improvisation got continually more interesting and thematic as the songs unfurled. I hope the recording came out good.

  3. Patty Cowie WAS a beautiful girl. I went to school with her sister Eileeen (Eileen the Queen). I don’t know what became of Patty, but Denise Campisi is still around and married to Jerry Randisi. Which makes her Denise Campisi Randisi. This is true.

    So sorry I mised the best Margo Explo ever – my bad timing is always impeccable.

  4. I double – dated with Dave to our Senior Prom. Actually I think a number of us went but Missy Emerson and I went afterwards with Dave and Denise to Durand in Dave’s Pimpmobile. It was the only time in my life when I heard a guy get slapped! I thought it cliched – but very funny and couldn’t stop laughing. No one said anything but it was made clear Missy and I were welcome to take our blanket and leave the car.

    I went out with Patty in the mid-70’s and she was just a super lady! Anyone want to see a portrait of her from that time? If Paul tells me how to do it, I’ll put it up or send it to him by e-mail.

    Her sister Eileen is still in town. She was on the news a few weeks as a spokesperson for a veterans’ group.

    And no, that is not the way to spell minghia.

  5. Last night was indeed one of our best shows. The whole band was just completely open to each other. There were parts where you’d swear we had rehearsed some pretty challenging arrangements, but everything was, as is our stuff, completely improvised. Everyone played beautifully. Even if the tape didn’t catch it, it happened.

  6. About Sarah Palin – she DOES mock exactly like the girls did in high school. It’s amazing to me that their entire strategy seems to be to mock me. Yes, me personally. Are they hoping I thrive on rejection or that I am masochistic? I can’t imagine it’s a recruitment technique. Or maybe it is. I’ve gotta check and make sure I am not becoming republican. The world according to GOP. ugh.

  7. Thank you Frank Paolo for telling how to spell “minghia” and thank you Bob M. for showing how to spell “Campisi”. I made the corrections.

  8. I was reading the remark about Rupert Pupkin, and then looked at the mug shots beneath it & there he was on the right side of the 3 drawings.

    It all came rushing back. “Hey Jerry, let me show you a picture of my Pride & Joy…”

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