Magic Carpet

Margaret Explosion watercolor by Leo Dodd
Margaret Explosion watercolor by Leo Dodd

I’m sitting over at Jerome’s Ignition while Igor looks at our car. It’s been making a clunking noise in the front end. This is already sounding like a Click and Clack episode. We are planning to drive to New York soon to see the Marlene Dumas show at the Modern and we are a little concerned about the thump. Igor didn’t see anything so he took it for a spin. When he got back he noticed that the lug nuts on our left front tire were loose. These guys are the best in the world. If only they had a wireless connection here.

I didn’t sleep very well last night and while I was awake I started worrying about my opening tomorrow night. Somebody was saying if I call it an “opening” that would not imply free food but if I call it an “opening reception” that would imply free food. I put “opening reception” on the post card so I stand to look like a cheapskate. I don’t really understand all the protocol of openings and what little I do understand I resist. For instance I can’t bring my own food or beverages in there because that’s their (not for profit) business. I could buy food from them and serve that for free but that’s part I don’t get.

Painting class started up again at the Creative Workshop and my father did some quick watercolor sketches from photos he took on Sunday night of Margaret Explosion on WXXI’s “OnStage”. I took this photo over his shoulder. I’m not sure that he spelled “Margaret ” right but I like the magic carpet under us.


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  1. Paul – you’re starting to sound like me on a bad day. Please don’t worry. Your friends and fans aren’t coming tonight for a free snack. We’re coming to appreciate your art and bask in the musical warmth of your music.

    Do you know what it takes to get me up, dressed, and out – on a cruelly cold winter night? Colleen, Becky, & I are REALLY looking forward to this!


    BTW: do you have an extra pair of handcuffs?

  2. Oh, BTW – I once asked my friend Talia to steal for me a jumpsuit from jail. It’s blue and has big, yellow letters on it saying: Wayne County Jail. I didn’t think she could do it – WRONG! Do you think Peggi would like to wear it tonight for a little performance art in conjunction with the theme of your show?


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