Abstract Mugshots En Plen Air?

Memory Project "Orphan" paintings by Paul Dodd
Memory Project “Orphan” paintings by Paul Dodd

Orphan painting for the Memory Project

My painting show from the Little is all boxed up and today I took down my painting show at the Genesee Center for the Arts. So it’s time to move on and an excellent opportunity to re-evaluate what it is that I spend so much time painting. I am enjoying this process and considering wild alternatives like en plen air and abstraction.

In the meantime I was asked to paint a portrait for the Memory Projct. They sent me a photo of this kid, an orphan somewhere, and I did a few versions. The kid kid gets the painting. The one in the middle looks the most like him so I’m sending that off. Now what?

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  1. Remember the movie Immortal Beloved when Beethoven is a boy running in the moonlight? He splashes into a pool while the soundtrack plays Ode To Joy. That scene comes to mind when I think of en plen air. Other favorites include Van Gogh’s olive orchards and Monet’s lily ponds. An example of the latter hangs in Kansas City at the Nelson. Cool vibrato riffs.

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