Doris Day On Acid

Dave Liebman Trio at the Bop Shop in Rochester, NY
Dave Liebman Trio at the Bop Shop in Rochester, NY

Dave Liebman played sax on Miles Davis’s “On the Corner”, “Big Fun”, “Dark Magus”, and “Get Up With It”, my favorite Miles stuff. The guy is amazing. He’s been here twice at the Jazz Fest. We saw both shows at Montage last year and we bought his DVD. Last night he played at the Bop Shop in what was billed as a “classic organ trio setting”. Paul Smoker, Bill Dobbins and all the local jazz celebrities were out.

Phil Haynes, who we have heard a few times with Paul Smoker, played drums and Steve Adams played a Hammond B3. They played all standards and opened with “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes”. Dave was playing a wooden flute, The organ player held on extremely long fuzzy note and the drums sounded beautiful. Phil Haynes plays with his bare hands, he scratches the top surface of his cymbals with the butt end of his sticks and looks like he is conducting the music with his facial expressions and whole body. He plays “Ayotte” drums with wooden rims and they are the best sounding drums I have ever heard. They sounded especially nice in this bass player less setting.

Dave played one song that Doris Day had popularized and when someone snickered as he introduced it Dave said, “Don’t undercut Doris. She was right there with Sly back in the day.” we weren’t sure if we heard him right so after the show Peggi and I asked him after the show if said’ “Sly”. He said, Oh yeah. She was right there, hanging with Sly, doing LSD, the whole trip.


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  1. Now I know what she means when she sings “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” and it makes “When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along” sound kinda trippy.

  2. Doris Day has never done LSD, and certainly not “the whole trip.” She happens to be an acquaintance, and she’s just an extremely talented, down-to-earth lady. Please stop with those horrid rumors!

  3. Sorry Howard, I didn’t believe it myself, the idea is preposterous and laughable. I thinks she’s a beautiful and talented lady. I was just having fun with the “so and so…on acid thing.” In fact, I told a girlfriend that she reminded me of Doris Day…and meant it as a compliment.

  4. doris may not have done acid but there may be a sly stone connection.a song she popularized, que sera,sera is also done very nicely by sly. maybe it’s a tip of the hat to their friendship or acquaintanceship.

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