I Would Rather Be Sailing

Virtual business card for 4D Advertising
Virtual business card for 4D Advertising

I had a meeting today with a client at his office. He showed me his logo and then explained that it is not intended to be an oval. His flat panel monitor was distorting everything he looks at by a long shot, even the picture of his son that used as his wallpaper. He asked me if I could remedy the situation so there I was duking it out with his clunky Windows pc.

This afternoon my father sent me this Word doc that he had spent most of the day on. It was given to him by a pc user and he added a bunch of stuff and sent it back but the guy wasn’t able to open the file. All I had to do add the “.doc” suffix to the file name and send it back. You’d think a Windows machine would recognize a Word doc.

A friend of ours programs data bases for web sites and he laughingly told us that he just stopped previewing his sites in Explorer. He said the people who use that program are idiots and he doesn’t care about them. I was reading a bad review of Explorer 8 today and they had a link to stats that showed two thirds of all web users use IE. That’s a lot of idiots. The economy would get a real sot in the arm if all web developers could quit wasting time with IE workarounds.

I was reading about the new system for the iPhone and Touch and an app for them that will allow users to see other users on the same network and exchange virtual business and it reminded me that we haven’t done new business cards since we moved. We have been using the “we just moved” excuse for four years now. We had some business cards printed online for a client they came out great. They offer rounded corners too. So I spent some time today playing with the 4D Advertising logo. I love coming up with logos and haven’t done one in a while.


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  1. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer put me in my place today when he reportedly quipped that “$500 and a logo” is the only difference between a pc and a mac.

  2. My mom has a collection of my business cards stuck on a bulletin board and there are a lot of them with phone numbers I’d forgotten and email addresses that no longer work (AOL?).
    I am going to get a calling card printed- just my name, number, email and web site. No business info whatsoever, no logo. I’m hoping I’ll avoid throwing out yet another box of outdated cards.
    Love that sailboat- you got that one right.

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