Just In Time For The Fourth

Margaret Explosion matches
Margaret Explosion matches

“I’m so sick of Michael Jackson”, Peggi’s mother announced when we stopped in to see her this morning. CNN was running a “In His Own Words” segment with some surreal footage of Michael. They cut to a commercial for some group called “Citizens United to Isolate Iran” and we turned the tube off. That tactic worked so well with Cuba.

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4 Replies to “Just In Time For The Fourth”

  1. “That tactic worked so well with Cuba.”

    Hilarious! Nine (count ’em) NINE American Presidents have vowed to get rid of Castro – that evil commie menace, 90-miles from our shores – since Eisenhower! (nothing yet from Obama).

    In the late ’60’s, John Kennedy, dancing with the Mob (which eventually helped separate most of his head from his neck) worked with the CIA to kill the SOB. The CIA tried snipers, cyanide, new poisons, bio-warfare, and bombs. Nothing worked!

    So in the early ’60’s, they tried a different tact: CIA chemists came up with some potion that would make Fidel’s BEARD FALL OUT – “thereby emasculating him in front of the Cuban people”.

    Ironically, this plan came closest to the CIA objective. Years later, Castro aids said that when Fidel “…heard about it – he almost died laughing.”

  2. PS. sorry make that “early ’60’s.” JFK was elected in 1960 and became President in 1961.

  3. The REAL Dave Mahoney would have understood the comment without getting hung up on a debatable, minor detail.

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