Law Of Large Numbers

MArgaret Explosion Skyhigh playing on Bill and Geri’s patio

Margaret Explosion plays at seven tonight for the Rochester Contemporary closing party of the 6×6 Show. I put some of my Local Crime Faces (from the Crimestopper page) in there and last I checked only one of them had a red dot next to it. Just why would anyone want a crime face on their walls anyway?

We met with our financial guy yesterday and he had some new software that allowed us to put numbers for what age we would like to retire and how much we would need to live on. After a little crunching the results indicated that we would have to work a little longer that we had hoped. So we started looking looking for variables that we could fudge. The life expectancy figures show Peggi would live to 93 and I would live to 92. This sounded ridiculous. I told him I did not want to see ninety so he moved my number down. Pegii said, “Yeah, at ninety I could live like a bag lady and not even know the difference.”

Our financial guru laughed and told us about his brother’s plan. “Put on a nice suit. Go to church. Stop at the doughnut shop on the way home. Have some Irish coffee. Pull in the garage, shut the door and leave the engine running.”


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  1. added without comment:

    Standing on the moon
    With nothing else to do
    A lovely view of heaven
    But I’d rather be with you

    Standing on the moon
    I see a shadow on the sun
    Standing on the moon
    The stars go fading one by one
    I hear a cry of victory
    And another of defeat
    a scrap of age-old lullaby
    Down some forgotten street

    Standing on the moon
    Where talk is cheap and vision true
    Standing on the moon
    But I would rather be with you
    Somewhere in San Francisco
    On a back porch in July
    Just looking up to heaven
    At this crescent in the sky

    Standing on the moon
    With nothing left to do
    A lovely view of heaven
    But I’d rather be with you – be with you

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