Made With Pure Hemlock Lake Water

Tanks at the Genesee Brewery

Margaret Explosion kicked off the”UpLift” party at the Genesee Center for the Arts on Friday night and we never even took a ride in their new elevator. We hung around for a while afterward eating flour-less peanut butter cookies that Geri McCormick made and looking at old Genesee beer ads that the people in the Book Arts room had recently printed on their vintage equipment. One of the ads boasted that Genesee Beer was “Made With Pure Hemlock Lake Water”.

Genesee Beer Sign lit up over the Genesee River
Genesee Beer Sign lit up over the Genesee River

It was only natural that the conversation turned to the re-lighting of the old Genesee Beer at 9:30 so we followed Maureen Outlaw over to the river. We parked in the women employees parking lot. This neighborhood is kind of rough so the brewery provides more security for the women’s segregated lot. We could hear the symphony of bottles rattling as they moved down the assembly line. There was a pretty big party out in the middle of the pedestrian bridge that straddles the river and provides the best view of the sign. We spotted the mayor in the crowd and looked up just in time to see the sign emerge out of the darkness.

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