26 Years Ago Today

Peggi Fournier singing "Subscriptions Are My Prescription" at the Community Playhouse in 1983. Photo by Gary Brandt.
Peggi Fournier singing “Subscriptions Are My Prescription” at the Community Playhouse in 1983. Photo by Gary Brandt.

It was hot twenty six years ago today, real hot. Personal Effects rented the Community Playhouse on South Avenue where we were able to back project lights, slides, movies and liquid light on a giant scrim. The multi-media show was called “This Is It”. Duane Sherwood created a mind blowing special effects show, Don Scorgie provided the concessions and Al “Balloon Buffoon” Kerstein engineered the ballon drop. You can hear it on this song. Steve Lippincott in Portland has been after us for a copy of that show and I finally got around to digitizing a cassette recording.

Three members of Personal Effects play in Margaret Explosion and we have a show tomorrow night at the Village Gate in the courtyard at 6pm. We’ll be performing with fire jugglers, not at the same time of course. And we don’t play anywhere near as fast as we used to.

“Subscriptions Are My Prescription” by Personal Effects – Live from the Community Playhouse in Rochester, NY August 27,1983.


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  1. Happy Anniversary – Should we get back together & redo that show when it hits age 30?

    Great audience quote in there at the end…



  2. I’d be happy to dee-jay again; it was a great show! I remember plugging my crappy borrowed Gemini mixer into the sound board and immediately hearing Lionel Richie pouring into the house! We were actually picking up radio signals through the patch cables… Kevin helped me wrap the mixer in tinfoil and we adjusted the levels so that the MOR music went away and I could spin in style.

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