Record Day

I’d rather think of of “Record Store Day” as record day. It sounds more fun than supporting a dying business model. And it was fun. Bop Shop had two turntables set up in the atrium and the Modern Lovers first record cranked when we walked in. We saw old friends plowing through boxes of vinyl and got caught up in all. Every record in the old Bohdi’s Café space was one dollar. We came home with “Guitars Ala Lee”, Debussy “Nocturnes, Wagner Preludes and Overtures, Carpenters “Close To You”, Toscanini conducting Wagner’s “Good Friday Spell”., Purcell’s Funeral Music for Queen Mary, “South Pacific”, Lesly Gore’s “Love Me by Name” with a picture of her on the cover looking like Bowie’s Alladin Sane and something called “A Bunch of Bongos.”

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