Arouse The Thunder

Pete LaBonne with gun
Pete LaBonne with gun

‘We Live Like Kings,” “Somebody Must Praying For Me,” “Pajama Pants” (Baby, you know what I mean), “Let The Weeds Take Over,” “High Time” and “Supermarket Employee.” There so many Pete LaBonne songs stuck in my head. The songs are stored in a place where they are easily accessible and it doesn’t take much to trigger them. Pete has digitized twenty two cds worth and he’s giving away a track from each on his website.

I heard Rick Simpson tell a listener he’d play a Pete LaBonne tune next week on his Thursday afternoon radio WRUR show. Pretty soon you’ll be walking around with lines like “You’re the 5th line on the eye chart,” “What am I gonna do when they turn me into a verb?” and “You gotta treat your woman like a sack of potatoes” floating around your head. Lucky you!

Pete LaBonne "We Live Like Kings" cover
Pete LaBonne “We Live Like Kings” cover

Arouse The Thunder
They call her Miss Divisive on the street.
She put the spit in hospitality
Strandy hair parted around the ears
under her sweater’s a purple chiffon brassiere
She turns me on flips me off
E Am
she’s not a hag puts me in a vacuum cleaner bag
whips it out plugs it in
hits the switch and I hear the roar
C G G7
she could surely arouse the thunder
of the mighty Thor.

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