Trophy Bowler

Basketball trophies in the horseshoe pits
Basketball trophies in the horseshoe pits

I was headed out to pick up the paper but met Rick Simpson at the door this morning with our paper in hand. He said he had already grilled Bob Mahoney about the trophies that someone left in our yards over the weekend. Rick got bowling related ones and I got basketball trophies carefully arranged in the horseshoe pit. This is the second visit from the “midnight trophy prankster”. We found a bunch a few years ago and suspected Rick and Monica of planting them. I’m thinking Rick planted this new batch in both yards to throw us off the scent.

Rick is a bowler and a good one at that. I was not much of a basketball player. I’m still open to any new clues.

Watch Pete LaBonne’s “Trophy Bowler

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  1. They can be repurposed via glue gun and whatever trinkets you have on hand, as awards for contests. Best guacamole? Best 22-oz Bud can collection?

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