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Giant pumpkins at our neighbor's house
Giant pumpkins at our neighbor’s house

I’m watching this morning’s Apple presentation in a separate window as I type a few notes here. Note: Buy a 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display or maybe a 27 inch iMac. Can’t decide. Probably won’t by either. I know the whole world has gone mobile but I haven’t. I’m still happy with the first gen iPod Touch. The last thing I want when I leave home is a phone call. Got to sign off now before they introduce that iPad Mini.

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  1. I think the iPad mini is my next purchase. My ipad 1 is great but having a smaller one would fit what I use it for. I’m thinking about going non-smart phone. The plans are too expensive for what I use it for.
    But that big iMac is a beautiful thing though I have no need for it.

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