King Of Pop

Snow covered trees over creek
Snow covered trees over creek

The fresh snow is either evaporating or melting. We need some more. But it is a perfect day for YouTubing. We followed a Lincoln ad to Beck’s over the top performance of Bowie’s “Sound and Vision.” Low is still one of the greatest records of all time so maybe this will recharge sales. Watched a trailer for the David Mamet Phil Spector movie with Al Pacino and Helen Mirren and we longed for the real thing, “The Agony and Ecstacy of Phil Spector.” We saw it a few years ago at the Dyrden Theater and then heard the producers were having a hard time securing the rights to all those classic Wall of Sound songs. Whether that is true or not the movie has been unavailable. I have a feeling in this BBC link is only temporary so you better watch it soon. Finally, we primed ourselves for Matt & Kim‘s Monday night Armory appearance and got back to work.

The Pope had a press conference today. He said he just wants to spend more time with his wife and kids.” –David Letterman

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  1. While we were listening to/watching Beck’s “Sound and Vision” with its multiple choirs and orchestras, the sound was so intense that the convex mirror we’ve had propped up against the wall for years on one of the speakers fell down from the vibration.

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