Rick & Monica Envy

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s fireplace insert. But we did and today we put a down payment on one. In fact, it is the same one as Rick and Monica’s. We shopped around a bit. We looked at “Fireplace Fashions” and drove by “House of Fire.” That name sort of bothers me. It’s not what I want to picture when starting a fire in my living room. Rick and Monica recommended Williamson Hardware so that’s where we did our business. But then Monica told us she didn’t like Christmas and the next day we look out there and see white lights on some trees in front of their house. We dealt with the owner of Williamson Hardware. He does the installs as well. He is up at four, runs three to five miles a day and also does abstract photographs. He showed us one on his Blackberry. He is having a show at Image Gallery in April.

Our house was built in the forties and the fireplace is big. We have chopped and burnt a lot of wood. But it doesn’t exactly heat up the house or even the room. You have to sit right on top of it to feel the warmth. It drains heat from the house while we are having a fire and and the opening continues to drain heat while we aren’t. Didn’t they know this in the forties? Maybe energy was so much cheaper that it was a smaller issue. Wood burning fireplace inserts are expensive.


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  1. Oooo ooo ooo how is it working. We have insert envy too. Our fireplace is open on both sides and the smoke prefers circulating around the rooms, unless we use those weird wax logs.

  2. We’ve never tried burning a wax log. We have real trees all around us and ocaisionaly they die and fall over. Chainsawing, hauling and splitting wood. lWe are are looking for a better return on our energy expenditure. Inserts are costly and our wait time is six weeks. By the middle of January we will be tossing a couple logs in the chamber and heating the house as opposed to burning ten or more logs a night and barely warming our feet.

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