Can I Comment On My Own Blog?

I got some flack for the photo of the dead mouse in my “b” log entry a few days ago. Frank told me he would kill a person before he killed an animal and then after our Margo gig tonight, Maureen told me her grade school students were a little freaked out by it. Am I the only one who wears leather shoes or eats Italian sausage? Our cats would have done the dirty work if we had let them in the crawl space and they would have had a good time doing it. They bring mice and moles and chipmunks to the door and just plop them there with puncture marks like a trophy. I’m using good peanut butter.


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  1. Even Mickey & Minnie have to go sometime. At least these mice got a good last supper. And Maureen, why are you showing your kids pictures of dead rodents? Did you ask them to sketch it? They may look over their shoulder every time they eat peanut butter….

  2. Couple of points.
    1. When the electricity fails, and when systems go down, mice will probably still be around, thriving, even. Our ‘victory’ over nature is always illusory.
    2. We have already set a huge enormous trap for ourselves and it is baited with iPods.
    4. Would mice blog if they had the opportunity?
    5. Hunger lured the mouse to its death. Can we say that we die for any nobler purpose?
    6. I don’t know what happened to Point #3.

  3. I’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree on
    this one. And although I’d rather not debate you in a
    public forum, feel free to use this any way you choose.

    The ‘hypocritical to use dead animal byproducts’
    argument never made any sense to me. There’s
    an abyss between using animals who have already
    been killed and killing any yourself.

    I’m talking specifically about parts of dead animals in
    plastic at Wegmans, not an intellectual, moral concept
    of hypocritically supporting the killing of animals for parts.
    Frankly, that idea is too far removed from a burger bun
    and, to me, best left in philosophy classes. And yes,
    if I pay one dollar in taxes to the government – I’m
    supporting the war in Iraq. Again, philosophically true,
    but too far removed from reality to make logical sense.

    Killing a person rather than an animal? If I lived in a
    house like yours and a deer crashed through a window,
    I would gather my cats and try to flee any harm. If a
    lunatic comes crashing through the window, I’d snuff
    that person without hesitation. The first example is an
    accident – the second is a deliberate attack by a human
    being who has freely decided to do my family harm.
    No question in my mind.

    As far as animals attacking humans who jump into their
    cages, I just call that ‘natural selection’ – a culling of the
    human herd.

  4. is there any difference between a squirrel and a mouse? the only good is a ……………………., dont think they are endangered species

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