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The local paper interviewed people about what they planned to do with their rebate checks and this one guy said he was going to buy a big screen TV. The question is, “Is now the time to buy one, before the Super Bowl, or will there be even better prices after the game?”

My father asked if I would go along with him and my mom to look at TVs because their picture tube is going. They have one of those wooden cabinets with doors that close. Their screen is 29 inches now so the salesman at Charlotte Appliance told us that the 32 inch sets would actually be smaller than what they are used with the new aspect ratio. So he recommended the next size up, a 40 inch set, and they had three Sony’s to choose from. We liked the 1080p resolution but we weren’t ready to buy.

Charlotte Appliance is in an old theatre so they have all these rooms on different levels. On the way out we looked at the big Lazy Boy style chairs in the furniture section and this one was so huge we just started laughing. I hopped up in it and my feet were well off the ground. All three us of could have fit in this chair. It was kind of like those Monster Trucks.

Next stop was Rowe Photographic. They had the same set for $100 less and they would match Circuit City or Best Buy but the sale prices only lasts until February 1st. My father went home and cut out some newspaper so it was the size of the new TV and he hung it on the front of their old cabinet. My mother thinks it is way to big for their living room. My father is ready for the big screen experience. It is a standstill.

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  1. Sounds like something Judy and I just went through. We were going to wait until later in the year for prices to go down and the selection to get bigger. However, every time I went into Rowe, Circuit City, BJ’s, or Comp USA I dreamed of the big, big screen experience. We’ve been watching a 29″ NEC I’ve had since ’86/88. The color function was shot … we got greenish tinted gray scale images that occasionally would burst into full color for awhile then go back to greenish gray.Then with the Comp USA store closing and their 20% price reductions and lower prices I decided the time was now.

    But oops, like your mother, Judy wasn’t ready to have our leaving room become the little theatre. She said if I ever have enough money and want a theater I could go ahead and convert one of the rooms upstairs. I don’t know when that will ever be, but I settled for a “32 Sony that fits exactly in the same space as the old NEC. And you know what, I like it. I’m happy … at least for now.

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