6×6 at RoCo

Paul Dodd prints of paintings for RoCo 6x6
Paul Dodd prints of paintings for RoCo 6×6

I hate deadlines but Rochester Contemporary has a big one this Friday. They are hoping to collect 2008 six by six inch pieces of artwork from their members for a show entitled 6×6. You may have seen the billboards around town. It looks like they are about half way to their goal.

I have about twenty new paintings that I haven’t photographed yet. I was thinking I would shoot them with my new camera, crop the shots to six inch squares, print them on canvas paper and give them to RoCo. That’s the whole idea here. Artists are being asked to donate their pieces and RoCo will sell them for $20 each and keep the proceeds. RoCo is all about supporting local artists so this is a worthwhile cause. The art business is about as lucrative as the music business, so give to RoCo and ye shall receive.

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