Modeling in New York City

Duane Sherwood “Modeling in New York City” detail.
Duane Sherwood “Modeling in New York City” detail.

“I Am Legend” wasn’t much of a movie after the John Cassavetes stuff. The buff Will Smith was about the last person left in Manhattan and so he naturally had a relationship with a mannequin. Duane Sherwood’s “Modeling in New York City” could have been shot the week they closed the city make to that film. Duane Is Legend!

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  1. wow
    the machine put Alps Bethneck in the box for my name

    hello Duane….I hope all is well…if you are ever coming through Singapore, let me know and the next time I am in NYC I will call so we can go model hunting together…

    Stephen Black, (which, if you scramble, is Alps Bethenck)

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